Fabulous Mythic Paint Blog Review by DIY Blogger

We often come across great product reviews of Mythic Paint on DIY blogs, and we couldn’t help but share this one from Under the Table and Dreaming, so excuse us while we toot our own horn here. In this particular review, Stephanie Lynn talks about how before finding out about Mythic Paint, she would never paint indoors during the winter around her small child because of the fumes. But with Mythic, as you all know, there is not need to wait for spring since it is ultra-low odor and no VOCs.

For her project, she painted her breakfast bar using Mythic Paint’s Bright White in high-gloss, and it turned out beautifully. See the photos below! Also in her post, she talks about VOCs and the importance of not having them in your home. Check out her full post here. Great job, Stephanie Lynn and we are looking forward to seeing your next project with Mythic!

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