2012 Home Trends

With the New Year, come new trends for the home.  Designers have been hard at work creating new home products that will work hard for you.  This round up of trends shares some of the best of the New Year with you.  Hopefully you will find a worthy addition or renovation for your home!

Food Prepping Sinks

The kitchen sink is more than just a place to wash dishes.  In 2012, it is a place where your meal begins and ends.  The new sinks we are finding are capable of helping prep food with worktops and drain boards, making assembling your meal easier.  These sinks are perfect solutions for small spaces since they extend your counter top space.

Thoughtful Landscaping

Beyond being ecological, landscaping with local plant species will also help you save money on water and help your home fit into its surroundings.  The trend is to pick grasses and ornamental grasses that naturally grow in your region, laying them out in different areas of the lawn to create interest.  This type of lawn is low maintenance and eco-friendly.

Modern Glass Fireplaces

Not just heat efficient, modern glass fireplaces look add a spark to any room.  And the great news is they don’t have to stay in the living room anymore.  New designs are bringing fireplaces into kitchens and outdoors.  And while the fireplace may be modern, the entire room does not have to be.  In 2012 we are seeing lots of creativity when mixing new and old.

VOC Free Products

People are not just shopping for VOC free paint anymore; in fact, more and more people are looking for VOC free home products in general.  VOCs can be in everything from your carpet to your counter tops.  For health reasons, the trend in 2012 will be towards more VOC free items in the home.  And thankfully these health friendly products are super stylish and great fits in any home.

And as always, 2012 and beyond, Mythic paint is a classic.  But you knew that since it says so on the can, right?  We wish you and your love ones a happy and healthy New Years!

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