Mythic Paint: A Vision of the Future

Mythic Paint believes in health, beauty, and sustainability. As a recent sponsor of the VISION House in Los Angeles, it is joining many other large sustainable brands to make this house built by Green Builder Media a reality. Located in the high-profile neighborhood of Pacific Palisades, the VISION House project will blend the vital aspects of green building and home performance with warm, contemporary design. With the entire interior painted with Mythic, those who dwell in this green treasure will be able to breathe easy while enjoying the peaceful colors and clean design.

Imagine the home of the future: a smart house that takes advantage of the integrated design elements, advanced technologies, and intelligent systems to enhance the home’s performance. The indoor and outdoor living spaces alike are nurturing, welcoming and comfortable. Durable green products, including Mythic of course, keep the home safe (hey, the word ‘safe’ is in our tagline so it totally makes sense for us to be a part of this project!). The house is regenerative, returning energy to the grid, adding value to the neighborhood, and replenishing its surrounding natural environment. This home of the future lends itself to joyful, connected, and sustainable living. We can’t wait to see the finished product!

Mythic is proud and honored to be part of this important project. To see more about the house, including photos, please visit: 

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