Paint Colors for Living Rooms Can Affect Moods and Perceptions

April 7th, 2013


Article 1-moodColors have been proven to influence how people perceive their ambience. Choosing the right color for a living room is extremely important because it will set the stage of the mood and ambience for the entire house.
If your are trying to create a certain impression in the living room, here are some key points on what certain colors can do to a person’s mood:

Bright colors such as teal or lime green tend to brighten up a persons’ mood, while neutral colors induce a relaxed mind.

Warm and sunny colors such as red, orange, and yellow can inspire people where soft shades bring a cooler ambience- reflecting elegance and formality.

Darker colors are more capable of causing a lasting impression and influence on a person’s mood and behavior.

Contrasting colors can produce an intense effect. Please remember to exercise balance in this selection between saturations to avoid overwhelming brightness.

Whether you want the living room to look friendly, formal, warm, cool, elegant or relaxing- matching shades of paint colors can make a wonderful transformation. Not only are colors capable of setting the ambience for you and your guests, they are also capable of giving the impression that a small room is bigger than it actually is!

The Importance of Paint Removal

November 15th, 2012

As you take on a major painting project, it is important to realize a new coat of paint is only as stable as the surface underneath. It is crucial for the old paint not to peel or flake to guarantee a perfect paint job. Here are common paint removal techniques that will ensure a clean slate:

There are different methods for stripping paint depending on the surface material. Sandblasting is a well-known way to remove paint from metal, concrete, and other hard surfaces (but be cautious of fragile materials!). Less abrasive particle blasting can be used to remove paint from sheet steel, aluminum, magnesium, plastics, and fiber glass without causing damage to the underlying surface.

Paint-removalPower Washer
Power washing is a great option for home exteriors. Spraying water at a high pressure, this is an excellent method for paint removal from wood, masonry, and concrete exteriors. A few words of caution: a high-pressure power washer is pretty powerful, so use caution if it is your first time!

Paint-removal1Paint Stripping
There are times when a pressure washer may not do the trick. If your customers have a deck or wood siding that they would prefer to restore to natural wood or stain, recommend paint stripping. Industrial paint strippers are full of powerful chemicals so inform your customers to wear full protection and wash themselves thoroughly when finished applying the chemical. After the chemical stripper has had a chance to work, tell your customers they can touch the removal up by scraping or power washing.

Benefits of using non-toxic, eco-friendly paint

November 2nd, 2012


Mythic’s greatest quality- it is a zero-VOC, zero-carcinogenic, premium quality line of latex paint. Some may ask, “But what does all that exactly mean?” If so, refer to this fact sheet that can help answer some of your questions.


What are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)?
Regular paints contain VOCs, which use solvents in paint that release emissions into our environment. Along with release at the time of application, these emission can continue to be released even after the paint has dried. Keep in mind Zero VOC or low VOC does not mean Non-Toxic. VOC’s used to be an unavoidable aspect of paint, but thanks to Mythic, we now have more options without reducing the quality of the paint and completely Non-Toxic, not just Zero VOC!

Safer and Better Paint for everyone
Non-toxic, eco-friendly paints have much less odor when wet, and no smell remains once the paint is dried. VOCs or other toxins can cause dizziness and headaches, as well as worsen allergies and chemical sensitivity.

Safer and Better Paint for the Environment
Paints with VOC’s and other toxins are considered hazardous waste, so disposing them can sometimes be an inconvenience. Since paint cleaners also contain VOCs and toxins, the clean-up of these paints become even more toxic and messy. Smog is also a common side effect of the use of paints with VOC’s and paint clean-ups. Sticking with environmentally-friendly products for an easier clean up and disposal, as well as making the environment a better place to live!