How To Prep Your Walls for Painting

November 16th, 2011

We have always said that besides using premium paint like Mythic paint, preparing your walls for painting is one of the best things you can do to ensure that your wall paint looks professional when all is said and done.  Yet, many people skip over this step, whether they are just too lazy or don’t think it will matter in the end.  But prepping your walls for interior paint does not take that much time and can make a huge difference.  Follow these easy steps outlined here and your friends will be asking you for the number of your professional painter:

  • Wash Your Walls- Right, we get that the whole point of painting over your walls was so you didn’t have to clean them.  But to get the best possible adhesion, it is best to give them a rinse them first.  You might not notice, but your walls collect dust, cobwebs, and oil and grease from cooking.  Making sure you wipe all of that away allows for the interior paint to better adhere.  It also prevents the dust and cobwebs from clumping in your new fresh coat of paint.  There are solvents on the market you can use, but a sponge and some liquid dish soap also work fine.
  • Fix any Holes- Using wall putty, patch any holes or cracks in your wall.  With a putty knife, spread the putty over these protrusions in the wall.  Then take a damp sponge so you can wipe off the remaining putty leaving the patch flesh with the wall.  Allow the putty to dry according to its label and move on to the next step.
  • Sand Your Walls- While Mythic paint is formulated for performance and can be painted over other paints, we do suggest lightly sanding the current paint or surface on your wall.  By choosing fine grit sandpaper and using it to lightly brush the walls, you will create tiny groves on the surface giving your new coat of paint something to cling on to.  The goal is not to remove the current surface, but to swipe over it gently like you were cleaning off a mirror.
  • Wipe off Your Walls- Again?!  Yes, when you lightly sanded the walls, you left dust from the tiny bits paint removed on your wall.  Here again you use a damp, soft sponge, like one you would use to wash your car, to wipe the walls.  You don’t need soap this time, since the dust from your sanding will stick to the wet sponge easily.  Give your walls about 30 minutes to “dry off” before you proceed with paint or primer.  While the walls should not be wet, there might be some moisture on them that could prevent the paint from adhering well.

By using these easy steps, you will be ensured a professional looking job in no time.  All it takes is a couple of sponges, some water and sandpaper.  Feel free to share your finished jobs with us on the Mythic Facebook Page!

4 Ways to Winterize Your Home This Season

November 10th, 2011

Winter is rapidly approaching- and it’s going to be a cold one- but, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your home green and efficient this season. So, here are five ways to make your home a greener one this winter.

Keep Out That Draft

First things first are to analyze your home for insulation inefficiencies. Find the spots that let in the cold air, such as the windows, doors, outlets, attic and the basement. Once you have identified the problems, you can correct the issue. One of the best ways to keep these cracks from letting in the cold air is weather stripping- especially in older homes where doors and windows deteriorate over time. Another way is to add more insulation. This will not only save you money, but it’s green-friendly!

We use one of these at work to keep the draft from coming in under our doors.

Buy a Space Heater

Most people only live in a few rooms of their home- especially in the winter months- so keeping your thermometer on a reasonable setting and depending on space heaters is a great way to be efficient this winter! Make sure to invest in a safe space heater though, as they can be dangerous to leave on for extended periods of time. Find a heater that  digitally auto-heats, has  safety features like automatic shut-off timer and overheat protection, and is portable so you can easily move it to and from the rooms you use.

Space heaters on wheels are easy to move from room to room.

Run Your Fans in Reverse

You may think fans are only to help keep cool in the summer, but think again! Most ceiling fans have a switch that reverses the direction of the blades. Switching to a clockwise rotation makes your room warmer as the air near the ceiling is circulated back into the living space.

Using your fan on low during the winter can really help if it is going in the right direction!

Paint Your Home a Warm Hue

Who would have thought that painting your home a dark color would help you stay warm in the winter! Dark exterior colors may absorb heat from the sun’s rays and aid in heating the home. Interior rooms painted with warm colors such as orange or red may not only make you feel warmer, but may also reduce energy costs in the winter because less heat will be required to warm the room. Because Mythic paint is a zero VOC and is non toxic paint, you can paint your home without the usual ventilation of open windows and doors, making it the perfect choice of paint if you decide to use a warm color in your rooms this winter.

Take a look at Mythic paint’s new Historic Color Collection for a warm color and a warm home, like Hitching Post (136-5) or Santa Fe (106-6).

136-5 Hitching Post

106-6 Santa Fe

Colors for Your Dining Room

November 1st, 2011

Halloween is past us now, and the season of entertaining and eating has arrived.  We have been looking forward to a large and tasty Thanksgiving Day feast this month.  And coming up soon enough is Christmas and Hanukah, and even New Years.  These holidays, plus the chilly weather, make it easy to invite friends and family into our homes and entertain.

So while there is still time, we are here to help you spruce up that classic entertaining space, your dining room.  Thankfully, most dining rooms lend themselves to easy updates.  Because most of the furniture in them tend to be wood, glass or metal, there is little in the way of a solid color scheme to stay tied to.  Painting the walls makes for an easy update, a way to freshen up the room and create an intimate setting for the holidays.


Ever wonder why red tends to be a featured color in fast food restaurants.  It is because the color red helps to simulate your appetite.  This makes it a perfect color choice for your dining room too.  We think Mythic’s non-toxic paint color, Sunburst Nose, would be the perfect choice for a dining room during the holidays.


Beyond being the staple color of Fall, orange is known to charge excitement and bring energy, which could help to keep conversation going after a big dinner, versus the turkey coma.  We really like Mythic’s VOC free paint color, Lucky Chance, for dining rooms since it is elegant and eye catching.


Green is a wonderful color for anywhere in your home since it is relaxing and easy to live with.  Holiday’s are meant to be comforting and peaceful, and green naturally would bring about these feelings around the table.  In dining rooms, we suggest going with a richer green to play up the drama, such as Mythic’s eco friendly paint color, Alpine Lodge.

Finally, because Mythic paint is a VOC free paint and does not off gas, it is perfect for a quick dining room update.  When your guest visit, they will notice your lovely walls and the smell of turkey, not the headache and chemical smell that using other paints might give them.

We wish you a happy Thanksgiving!