Common Outdoor Painting Problems

December 15th, 2011

We all know the signs of a good exterior paint job.  The color is consistent on the body of the house.  There is no dirt or dust dried into the paint.  And finally, the paint smoothly adheres to the surface and is not peeling.  Sounds like your house, right?  Yeah, we thought so.  Most homes have exterior paint problems, whether is was from a rushed job or low quality paint.

We are here to help.  Below we have outlined some of the most common problems with exterior paint jobs and their causes.  So now, when you go to correct these problems or repaint your house, you will have the knowledge to make sure your paint is perfect this time around.


Peeling is a very common problem that is often caused from paint being applied to wet wood.  Even if your wood is dry before painting, peeling can also be caused from moisture wicking through the wood from inside your home.  The best way to prevent this is to use a latex based paint, such as Mythic paint.  Latex paint lets the wood to breathe a bit by allowing some moisture to pass through the paint.


Paint that forms blisters can be attributed to improper painting. If you scrape the blisters and find paint behind it, you can confirm it was using oil-based paint in hot weather. The heat will cause a skin to form on the paint trapping gas behind it in a bubble.  Try painting in cooler weather, or use a latex paint, like Mythic paint.

Paint Won’t Dry

If your paint won’t dry, it could be an indication of poor quality paint. If you roll or spray a non-premium paint on too thickly or during a day with high humidity, it could remain tacky for a long time. By using Mythic paint, you know you have the best quality paint that will dry quickly.

If you have any questions about the quality of your paint or the best conditions for applying it, be sure to ask your local paint expert!  We at Mythic wish you happy and successful painting!

Painting for the Holidays

December 7th, 2011

A week ago on our Facebook Page we posted a photo of a lovely dining room that was decorated for the holiday season.  While you might not want to repaint your whole room just for the holidays, everyone likes to add a bit of cheer to their home during the holidays.  Thankfully, there are other projects that let you use Mythic paint and trim the halls with holly!

Yard Decorations

If you are handy with a table saw, then this project is just for you.  Make a wood cut out of a holiday item, whether it is a candy cane or dreidel.  Then, bring it to life by painting it with Mythic paint.  Remember to use our exterior paint so that it will hold up to the harsh winter weather.  No table saw?  Check out this Etsy shop for some yard art.

Put up a Tree

Not everyone has room in their home for a Christmas tree.  Save some floor space by painting one on your wall.  Mythic’s interior paint is splatter proof and when used properly, won’t drip.  You could easily paint a tree for the holiday, and prime and paint over it when the season is done.  Check out this blog post for inspiration.

Make Your Mailbox Holly

Winter is the season when holly bushes produce their festive red berries.  While the plant itself is prickly, you could easily paint it on your mailbox to make your driveway more festive.  Standard mailboxes are inexpensive, making them great for crafts.  Spread some cheer to your postman and decorate it with painted holly, like this painted branch below.

We hope these projects give you some inspiration.  We hope you have a happy holiday and a wonderful winter season!

Priming Your Walls for Painting

December 2nd, 2011

With painting comes priming.  Priming, like the word suggests, preps your walls for painting.  Primers, unlike regular paint, are specially designed to adhere to walls creating a uniform surface for the topcoat. Primers are able to penetrate and adhere to raw surfaces; evening up porosity that way the topcoat doesn’t look blotchy. Priming can be an important step to making your interior paint job look professional, yet it is not necessarily needed in all cases.  Below, we have a guideline for helping you understand when priming in necessary.

-Previous Paint Sheen- Since primers help to increase the bond between the surface and the paint, we would suggest using primer on walls that were previously painted will high gloss or semi-gloss paint.  These paints have a slick surface, which might make it tough for paint to adhere.  Primer will provide superior adhesion, helping your wall paint coat evenly.

High gloss walls need to be primed before painting.

-Neutralize Dark Walls- If you are lightening the color in your room by painting over a dark wall, we suggest using primer.  Without primer, the dark color could saturate through your new coat, creating a different hue than was intended.  Ask your paint expert to tint your primer will your new wall color.  This will help you cover your walls quicker.

Primer helps to neutralize dark colors for painting.

-Stained Walls- If you are painting a light colored paint over a light colored wall, primer still might be necessary if the walls have stains from water, dirt, or smoke.  These stain might not get even coverage making the finished job look splotchy.  We suggest airing on the cautious side and priming in these cases to ensure an even coverage since most primers are formulated for stain blocking.

Prime over water stains so they don't appear in your new paint coat.

-Remember Paint and Primer All in One- Mythic paint’s Black Label is a self-priming, mildew resistant, ultra premium paint formulated for uncompromising performance. It can be used over properly prepared interior walls of plaster, wallboard, masonry, and tightly adhered wallpaper. It is ideal for residential and commercial settings where a superior quality premium satin finish is desired.  Mythic paint’s Black Label is a paint and primer in one solution, which can save you time and money when painting.

Try Mythic's Black Label for a premium paint and primer in one!

As always, talk with your local paint professional with any questions.  They can also advise you and provide good answers to all your paint questions.  Happy priming!