Blog Roundup: All the Mythic News!

October 21st, 2011

Mythic has been all over the blogosphere this month!  Perhaps you might have even read about our non-toxic paint on a blog somewhere.  We even hosted a fun Twitter party with the blog Practically Green. Incase you missed all this excitement, here is a round up of all our best mentions:

Making the World Cuter:

Tiffany has been a fan of Mythic paint ever since she used it before on a home project.  She used our paint this time to spruce up her children’s bunk beds that had been in the family forever.  She was excited to use Mythic paint because it is VOC free and non-toxic, making it safe for children.  Take a look at the makeover here.

The Plain Dealer:

Jell Sell of The Plain Dealer wrote a wonderful article on historic colors in which she featured Mythic’s Historic Color Collection.  Mythic’s collection can be used as exterior or interior paint, and are VOC free just like all our other paint.  You can read her article here.

Mom’s Balancing Act:

Jenna became conscious about the products she used in her home after the birth of her first child.  So naturally when it came time to paint her daughters bedroom, she insisted on using Mythic paint.  She liked that it is an environmentally friendly paint and was impressed with the coverage.  Check out her daughter’s newly painted room here.


The Twitter party we held with Practically Green on green décor was such a success, mainly because the wonderful Elise Jones of Babybites was our host.  She did a great job moderating and asking questions to the participants.  Mythic provided some VOC free paint as a prize for the party too! Elise even did a lovely recap of the party and some great green décor tips that you can read here and here.

Interior Paint Colors in Historic Homes

October 12th, 2011

A few weeks ago we discuss exterior paint colors in historic homes in this blog post.  Using the Mythic paint Historic Color Pallet, we even suggested a few colors that would work perfectly for homes of different time periods.  We did not want to leave you wondering what to do inside though, so this week we have some great tips and suggestions for interior paint to use inside your historic home.

Greek Revival

Unlike the exteriors in found on Greek Revival Homes, the interior colors during the Greek Revival were often brighter and richer since they weren’t exposed to light and weather, which causes fading.  In most cases walls were painted white or neutral and were accented with a colored trim.  This created a formal look that was suited for these types of homes. One suggestion would be to avoid very dark tones on the wood trim since they can hide the wonderful wood details these Greek Revival Homes are known for.  A good interior paint color scheme for a Green Revival room might be:

Historic Color Collection

Old Parchment                        Gold Rush                            Piney Woods


During this period, the general feeling was that deep, rich colors enhanced the importance of a room.  Most of the walls contained a rich tint, and the trim was done in a light color allowing for the elaborate molding and other architectural elements to pop.  At this time, it was expected to use a complex collection of colors, starting with the rich main color, and several subsidiary colors to complement it creating a harmonious effect.   These VOC free paint colors below working together to create this effect:

Historic Color CollectionHistoric Color CollectionHistoric Color Collection

The Vineyard                            Moccasins                                Mulberry

Colonial Revival

During the Colonial Revival period there was a rejection of dark colors, feeling that they had no place inside.  Deeper colors were saved for exterior colors.  Rooms of this period were characterized with light colored walls and usually one accent color.  This accent color was normally white or ivory which was placed on the woodwork or celling.  To get the right look, you could pair these non toxic paint colors below:
Historic Color CollectionHistoric Color Collection
Granny Smith                         Cadence                                   Alamode

Happy and Healthy Family Space- How using no-VOC paint made all the Difference

October 5th, 2011

By Olga Adler of Olga Adler Interiors

This project was an exciting one from the very beginning. I was hired to transform almost 2,000 sq feet of unfinished basement space of a beautiful colonial home into a family fun central – a space where both kids and adults could call their own. The main design challenge was lack of windows. The lack of natural light could be easily alleviated by creating layers of artificial lighting but air quality was my big concern. Knowing how much off-gassing all the new surfaces and furnishings will create was worrisome to me. How are we going to get rid of all that paint smell? That’s when we decided to look for a healthy solution for thousands of square feet of walls that needed to be painted. And that’s when Mythic paint came into play.

The space was divided into 4 distinctive sections:

The Movie Theater

The private space where the entire family can watch movies and concerts resembles a real screening room with two rows of butter soft leather seating, dimmable house lights, lit steps, 100” screen, fantastic sound system, and even a popcorn machine. Mythic colors used: 168-4 and 168-3.

The Wine Cellar

This Tuscany-inspired design was a fun one to work on. We used mahogany to build the wine racks and we had hand painted tile installed as a focal point to evoke that rustic Italian look. But the most important thing in a wine cellar is wine and the conditions in which it is stored. That was one space where a standard paint was not an option as any chemical vapors can penetrate the porous surface of the cork and spoil the wine. Mythic color used: 168-1.

The Bar

This is where all the action is before, during and after sports watching, or after a movie screening, and while a game of pool takes place. Custom mahogany cabinetry was built to accommodate this unusually shaped space (there are some major plumbing pipes hidden inside some of the upper cabinets), and to create a real bar feel with multiple beverage centers, ice maker, dishwasher and a hammered bronze sink. The classic pool table lends itself to the pub-like look. We used 2 Mythic colors to create a distinctive faux finish: 170-2 and 170-3.

The Playroom

The playroom has a large seating area with a custom entertainment cabinet, 12” long leather sectional sofa and an oversize coffee table. That’s where my clients watch TV and the kids play with their game consoles. We continued with the same faux finish throughout this space for cohesive look.

Unless you are building from scratch or gutting your space to the studs, there are many elements in the design of your home that you may not be able to change – you may not know what kind of insulation is in the walls, you may have no control over the quality of windows or the type of plumbing used. But there is one thing you should be able to control – the quality of air you and your family breathe every day, and choosing no-VOC paints is the first step to feeling great about your home.

To see more images of the remodel, check out Mythic’s Facebook Page for an Album.